12 important Questions and Answers for Trivia Contests

important Questions and Answers for Trivia Contests


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1.What is the meaning of Pizza in Italian ?




2.What is the previous name of Thailand (Siam/Tiam/Niam) ?




3.What is the name of the highest point in France ?




4.Who painted the Potato eaters ?


Vincent Vangogh


5.Guess the distance of Tour de France (2600 km/3500 km/4100 km) ?


3500 km


6.Which of these human parts never stop growing (Eyes/Ears) ?


both eyes and ears never stop growing


7.What are the colors of 3 horizontal bands in Iran flag ?


Green White and Red


8.What is the German word for Coffee ?




9.James Naismith invented which game (Base ball/Basket ball/Foot ball) ?


Basket Ball


10.Where is the Church of Multiplication located ?



(It was vandalized in 2015)


11.In harry Potter novels Shades of Redness represents what ?





12.Which animal hearing Capacity is high (Dog/Cat) ?




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