Odisha GK Questions and Answers

Odisha GK Questions and Answers

Odisha General Knowledge Practice Test Questions

Few Facts about Odisha

Read Odisha General knowledge Questions and Answers


Odisha state old name is Orissa.(in 2011 the name changed)

the state is bordered byWest bengal,Jharkhand,Chattisgarh and Andhra pradesh.

The region is also known as “UTKALA”.

Odisha is divided in to 3 divisions and these 3 divisions sub divided in to 30 districts for Administration purpose.

Odisha state has large number of Natural resources.it also has a large coast line.

Coal,Iron ore,bauxite resources largely available in Odisha state.

Oriya is official language and it is widely spoken by people.

There are 5 Municipal corporations in the state.

Rivers in Odisha re Koina,Mahanadi,Vamsadhara river,nagavali etc.,

Puri,which is considered as  holy city.it is one of Char dhams of Hinduism,every year Rath yatra is held in the month

Odisha GK Questions and Answers

1. Which food item of the following is called as ‘Singada’ locally ?
2. Utkal divas or Odisha day is celebrated on 
3. Which District headquarters is Phulbani ?
4. Bhitarkanika national park is located in Which district of Odisha ?
5. Which  temple is called as White Pagoda ?
6. Odisha state animal ?
7. In Which Odisha district Similpal National park is located ?
8. In Which year Biju Janata Dal (BJD) was founded ?
9. The state flower of Odisha ?
10. Total number of districts in Odisha


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