Punjab GK Questions and Answers

Punjab General Knowledge Practice Test Questions and Answers

The listed Punjab Gk questions and Answers are useful for all competitive exams and Entrance exams.these quiz questions are prepared on punjab state information.

Facts about Punjab State

  • Punjab means Land of Five rivers ..
  • Punjab state is bordered by Himchalpradesh,Rajasthan,Haryana and Jammu Kashmir.
  • New States Haryana and Himachal pradesh formed from Punjab in the year 1966.
  • The land of punjab is very fertile. Mango is cultivated largely in East punjab.
  • Punjab Capital Chandigarh also serves as the capital of Haryana.
  • For administration purpose the state is divided in to 22 districts,Tehsils and blocks
  • Punjab is called as Indian bread basket as it is the most fertile region in India.Wheat,Rice and Sugar cane,fruits and
  • vegetables are cultivated in punjab.
  • Bhangra and Gidda are popular dance forms originated from Punjab.Bhangra is played by Farmers to celebrate the harvest season.

Punjab GK Questions and Answers

1. In which year Punjab state was formed ?
2. Literally Punjab means the land of   ?
3. Which amongst the following is the largest river ?
4. Which of the dance form is associated with Punjab ?
5. Total Number of districts in Punjab ?
6. Sikh empire was formed by ?
7. Before building Chandigarh which city is the capital for Punjab ?
8. Which is the largest city in Punjab ?
9. which amongst the following is not a district in Punjab ?


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