Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions and Answers

19.Who penned the book “Curtain Raisers” ?

a)P Chidambaram

b)R Venkata raman

c)K Natwar singh

d)Kuldip Nayar

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Ans : C

It is a collection of Essays,letters and reviews

20.From the Following Which book was written by Salman Rushdie ?


b)East West

c)Higher than hope

d)Out of Dust

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Ans : B

the book is devided in to 3 sections “East”,”West” and “East and West”.this book was released in 1994.

21.Who wrote the book “An Equal Music ” ?

a)Sujata Dev

b)Vijay Malhotra

c)Vikram Seth

d)Jhumpa lahiri

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Ans : C

22.Which of the following book was written by P.V Narasimha rao ?



c)Ignited Minds

d)Agni pariksha

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Ans : A

23.“Between the Lines ” Written by ?

a)M J Akbar

b)Vinod Mehta

c)Kuldip nayar

d)M C tyagi

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Ans : C

24.”Book of the Sword” Written by ?

a)Sir Richard burton

b)Ronald segal

c)A Dante

d)George Byron

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Ans : A