First In India Questions and Answers

First In India Questions and Answers

General Knowledge -First in India

These First in India general knwoledge questions are useful for all competitive exams,entrance exams.

1.Who is the First indian to receive Nobel prize ?


a)C V Raman

b)Amartya sen

c)Rabindranath Tagore

d)Hargobind Khorana


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recieved in Literature categoy in the year 1913.he is also first asian to recieve the Nobel prize


2.First Indian Man Booker prize winner ?


a)Aravind Adiga

b)Arundhati roy

c)Jhumpa lahiri

d)Vikram seth


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In 1997 for her Novel God of Small things Arundhati roy recieved Man Booker prize


3.First Bharat Ratna Award recipient(s) ?

1)C V Raman

2)Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

3)C Rajagopalachari

a)1 only

b)1 & 2

c)1 & 3

d)1 & 2 & 3


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4.Who is First President of India ?


a)Sarvepalli Radha krishnan

b)V V giri

c)Dr.Rajendra prasad

d)C Rajagopalachari


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5.Who is our first Chief election Commissioner ?


a)Kalyan Sundaram

b)T Swaminathan

c)V S Ramadevi

d)Sukumar sen


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6.First Indian Reserve Bank Governor ?


a)C D Deshmukh

b)C Ranga rajan

c)Dr.Manmohan singh

d)K G Ambergaonkar


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