Current Affairs May 2015 Questions and Answers

Current Affairs May 2015 Practice Test Questions

These following Sports,Economy,Political,International Current Affairs May 2015 Questions and answers are useful for written exams and interviews.

Q1.Who wrote the book China-Confucius in the shadows ?

a)Arun Shourie

b)Shekhar gupta

c)Poonam Surie

d)Rachana pandey

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Answer :C

Q2.World Asthma day is observed on 05,May 2015 with which of the following theme ?

a)You can win on Asthma

b)You can control your asthma

c)No Asthma

d)Focus on Asthma

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Answer :B

The sub theme is “It’s time to control Asthma

Q3.Rahul yadav resigned as the CEO of  ?





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Answer :A

Q4.Inaguaral Istanbul Open Tennis Mens title won by ?

a)Rafael Nadal

b)Andy Murray

c)Roger Federer

d)Novak Djokovic

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Answer :C

Federer Won TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul open,beating Pablo Cuevas by 6-3,7-6

Q5.Who among the following honoured with  2015UNESCO/Guillermo Cano world press freedom prize ?

a)Mazen Darwish

b)Nabeel Rajab

c)Ali salman

d)Mahdi Abu deeb

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Answer :A

Q6.Recently Prime minister Narendra Modi Joined Social media platform Weibo belongs to which country ?





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Answer :C