Countries Independence dates and years

GK Study Material :Countries Independence dates

we have compiled list of National Independence days for all competitive exams and entrance exams as it is expected questions from this topic

CountryIndependence DateYear
Afghanistan19 August1919
Albania28 November1912
Algeria5 July1962
Angola11 November1975
Austria26 October1955
Bahamas10 july1973
Bangladesh26 March1971
Belarus03 July1944
Botswana30 September1966
Brunei1 January1984
Bulgaria22 September1908
Burkina Faso05  August1960
Burundi01 July1962
Cambodia9 November1953
Cameron1 January1960
Central African Republic13 August1960
Chad11 August1960
Congo30 June1960
Croatia8 October1991
Cyprus01 october1960
Cuba20 May1902
Czech Republic01 January1993
Dominica03 November1978
Eritrea24 May1993
Fiji10 october1970
Finland16 December1917
Gambia18 February1965
Georgia26 May1918
Ghana06 March1957
Grenada7 February1974
Greece25 March1821
Iceland17 june1944
Ivory Coast7 August1960
Jamaica6 August1962
Jordan25 May1946
Kazakhstan16 December1991
Kenya12 December1963
North Korea15 August1945
South Korea15 August1945
Kosovo17 February2008
Lebanon22 November1943
Libya24 December1951
Madagascar26 June1960
Malawi6 July1964
Malaysia16 September1963
Maldives16 July1965
Mauritius12 March 1968
Moldova27 August1991
Morocco18 November1955
Mozambique25 June1975
Namibia21 March1990
Nauru31 january1968
Norway17 May1814
Pakistan14 August1947
Paraguay15 May1811
Peru28 July1821
Philippines12 June1898
Poland11 November1918
Qatar18 December1971
Romania10 May1977
Rwanda01 July1962
Samoa01 June1962
Senegal04 April1960
Sierra leone27 April1961
Singapore9 August1945
South Africa11 December1931
South Sudan09 July2011
Swaziland06 September1968
Sri lanka04 February1948
Sudan01 January1956
Syria17 April1946
Tajikistan9 Septmber1991
Tanzania09 December1961
Turkey29 October1923
Tunisia20 March1956
Tuvalu01 October1978
USA04 July1776
Venezuela05 July1811
Vietnam02 september1945
Yemen30 November1967
Zambia24 October1964
Zimbabwe18 April1980