Man Booker prize General Knowledge Facts

Man Booker prize General Knowledge Facts for all Competitive exams


Man Booker prize was established in 1969


Winner of Booker Prize will get 50,000 Pounds Cash prize


Each short listed author will get 2500 pounds cash prize


Originally Booker prize is known as Booker -Mcconnell Prize


First Booker prize was awarded in 1969


First Woman to win Booker prize is Bernic Rubens. she won for her book “The Elected Member”


First Indian to Win Booker prize Arundhati Roy. For Roy’s “God of Small things” book she won the literary award in 1997.


On 25 th Anniversary Booker of Booker prizes award was presented to Salman Rushdies work “Midnight’s Children”. this book was released in 1981.