First in the world

First in the world

First in the world General Knowledge for Competitive exams

First Man landed on the moon

Neil Armstrong


First Woman Astronaut on the moon

Valentina Tereshkova


First Modern olympics held in 



World’s first artificial satellite was launched by 



First Nobel prize in Physics awarded to 

Wilhelm C Rontgen


First Nobel Laureate to win Twice in Physics

John Bardeen


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First country to implement GST(Goods and Service Tax)



First World Cup Foot Ball tournament organized by FIFA in which year



First Nobel Prize winner for literature 

Sully Prudhomme(France0


First Mountaineer to climb Mount Everest 

Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary


First to reach North Pole

Frederick Cook


First Wonan to win Nobel Prize

Marie Curie


First Oscar Awards presentation took place in