2000 Rupees Note

2000 Rupees Note

2000 Rupees Note General Knowledge Facts

9 important Facts you should know about 2000 Rupees note


No GPS chip was used in 2000 Rupees note as the message was wide spread among people


The size of the note is 66MM x 166 MM whch is  smaller than Older notes.


The base colour of 2000 Rupees note is magenta colour


This note carries Mangalyaan image and Swachh bharat abhiyan logo and tagline


Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi is at the centre of the note


Ashoka Pillar emblem is present on the right side of the Note


Denomination numeral written in Devnagari script


Year of printing was written on left side


When the note is tilted the colour of the windowed thread colour changes from green to blue.this windowed thread consists of “Bharat”in devnagari and RBI and Numeral