Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

Computer Awareness Practice Bit Questions

The following computer awareness bits covers topics like computer basics,Internet,Ms-Office,Programming languages.these are useful for all competitive exams,entrance exams.

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These 250 Computer Awareness One liner Questions and Answers covers many basic topics of Computer Science.

1) Full form of MS-Dos – Microsoft Disk operating system

2) Initial Name of Java programming language is OAK

3) Functional Key F1 displays Help menu

4) Pressing Functional key F5 refresh the current web page

5) First page of a Website is Called home page

6) C’ language is called as Middle level language

7) Binary language consist of only 0’s and 1’s

8) Full form of RAM is Random Access Memory

9) Full form of CPU –Central Processing Unit

10) Compiler translates written high level  language program in to machine Code

11) BADA is a mobile operating System

12) Full form of SQL is Structured Query Language

13) PB means PetaByte

14)Number of Functional keys in a Keyboard  is 12

15)CRT full form Cathode Ray Tube

Monitor is known as is also called as VDU(Visual Display Unit)

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16)In Spreadsheets fields are called as Cells

17)RDBMS full form is Relational Database management system

18) Removing bugs in a computer program is called Debugging

19) In a Computer program Coding error is called as Bug

20) Joystick is pointing type input device

21)1024 mebibits is equal to 1 Gibibit

22) Linus Torwalds is associated with Linux operating System

23) James Gosling is Father of java programming language

24) Bjarne Stroustrup created and developed C++ language

25) PPT is Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation file extension name

26) GUI full form is Graphical User Interface

27) HDD full form is Hard Disk Drive

28) LAN stands for Local Area Network

29) WAN Stands for Wide Area Network

30) Mosaic is a Web Browser

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