Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

31) TCP/IP is a Internet Protocol .it provides end to end connectivity

32) FAT full form is File Allocation Table. it is a Computer file system architecture.

33) Enter Key is also called as Return Key

34) CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination is used to restart Computer

35) CTRL+A is the Short cut key combination to select all the content on the document in Windows applications

36) Web browser application is used to browse Internet

37) EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable read only Memory

38) Set of Instructions is called as a Computer program

39)FORTRAN full form is Formula Translation

(It is a highlevel Computer Language used for developing scientific applications)

40) F6 is the Short cut key to move the cursor directly to Web browser address bar

41) The Data Storage Unit equals to 2 to the power 70 is called as Zebibyte

42) Edit menu Consists of Cut, Copy and Paste Options

43) To store the Data Computer uses Binary number system

44) HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

45) BMP,JPG,PNG extension names of Image type of files

46) DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk

47) Flat file Data base file stores data in Plain Text Format

48) PHP is server side Scripting language designed for Web Development

49) Vacum tubes were used in First Generation Computers

50) Transistors were used in Second Generation Computers

51) Father of Computer Charles Babbage.

52) Integrated circuits(IC’s) were used in Third Generation Computers

53) ENIAC full form Electronic numeric Integrator and Computer .

54) MICR full for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

This Character recognition Technology is used by banking Industry

55) In RDBMS context  a row is called as Record

56) An Interpreter directly executes the program written in high level or scripting language without compiling in to machine code

57) COBOL full form Common Business Oriented Language

(This language is used for developing business applications)

58) DPI full form Dots per Inch

(It is a measure of printing resolution)

59) The full form of the Acronym BCC is Blind Carbon Copy

(Bcc term appears in e-Mail)

60) The full form of CC is Carbon Copy

(CC term appears in e-Mail)

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