Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

61) The full form of TLD is Top Level Domain

(This is top level in the hierarchical domain name system of the Internet)

62) What is meant by COD ?

Cash On is e-Commerce related term

63) The Full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol.

(it is used to Transfer files from one host to another host)

64) PPS is the powerpoint slide file extension name

65) Presentations can be made with Microsoft Power Point Software

66) Esc (Escape) key is pressed to end a Presentation in Powerpoint

67) In Microsoft Powerpoint CTRL+P is used as short cut key combination for changing the Pointer to Pen

68) In Microsoft PowerPoint CTRL+E is used as Short cut key combination for changing the pointer to eraser

69) ‘&’ Operator joins two strings and forms a new string in Ms-Excel

70) In MS-Excel LEN is a function which returns Length of a supplied text string

71) In Ms-Excel BAHTTEXT Converts a number,Plus the suffix BAHT in to Thai Text

72) In Ms-Excel Value is a function converts a supplied text string in to numeric Value

73) ‘=’ operator is used to execute a formula in MS-Excel

74) Hadoop is a open source software frame work developed in JAVA for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data

75) COM full form is Component Object Model.

This technology is developed by Microsoft

76) JVM full form is Java Virtual Machine

77) XML full form is Extensible Markup Language

Computer Science Inventors

78) Ada Lovelace is First computer Programmer

79) Magnetron was invented by Albert Hull

80) Adi Shamir is associated with invention of RSA Algorithm

81) Andrew Bobeck is inventor of Bubble Memory

82) Bob kahn is associated with TCP/IP protocol Development

83) Charles Moore is the developer of the Forth Programming language

84) Christopher Sholes is the inventor of first QWERTY keyboard

85) Daniel Ingalls is called as Pioneer of Object oriented programming

86) David Lee invented Daisywheel Printer

87) Dennis Hayes is the Inventor of PC Modem

88) Edgar Codd is the Inventor of Relational Model for Data base management

89) Gary Starkweather invented Laser printer

90) Boolean logic was invented by George Boole

91) Greg Chesson is known as Godfather of Networking

(he also invented XTP(Express Transfer Protocol)

92) Jack Kilby is inventor of Integrated Circuit and Thermal Printer

93) James Russell invented Digital Compact Disc

94) John Atanasoff is inventor of First Digital computer

95) John Fleming is inventor of First Vacum tube

96) Paul Mockapetris is creator of the Internet Domain Name System

97) Douglas Engelbart invented Computer Mouse

98)Stanley gill invented First Computer Subroutine

99) Ray Kurzweil is image Scan inventor

100) DRAM(Dynamic Random Access memory) inventor Robert Dennard

Computer File Extension names

101) AAC is Advance Audio Coding File Extension name

102) AAS Animation Play script

103) ABK is Automatic Bakup file extension name in Corel draw

104) ABR is Adobe Brush File Extension name

105) ACCDB is extension name of Microft Access Database (Open by XML)

106) ACCDT is file extension name for Microsoft Access Database Template(Open by XML)

107) ADI is AutoCad Graphics file extension name

108) APK is Android Application file extension name

109) APP is Foxpro generated Application Extension name

110) Doc is Microsoft Word Document File Extension name

111) DOCX is Microsoft Word Open XML Document Extension name

112) WPD is Word Perfect document extension name

113) TXT is Pain Text File Extension name

114) RTF is Rich Text Format File Extension name

115) Log is Log file extension name

116) SDF is Standard Data file extension name

117) DAT is Data file extension name

118) VCF is VCard file extension name

119) Comma Separated Values File Extension name

120) PPT is Micro soft Powerpoint Presentation extension name

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