Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

Computer Awareness Bits for Competitive Exams

211) Bandwidth is expressed in bps(Bits per second)

212) Wireless Fidelity is Wi-Fi full form

213) The rate at which bits are transferred from one location another is called as BitRate

214) Execution of series of programs/jobs on a computer without manual intervention is called as Batch Processing

215) AntiVirus is a program to detect,Prevent,remove virus from a Computer

216) An Applet is a Java program embedded in the web Page.Applet do not access the system resources of Local computer

217) Avatar is an online character represents a person

218) Beta software is released to test bugs, errors, crashes. It is released before releasing the original software

219) Buses carry data to and from a Computers CPU. There are 2 types of Buses.

a)Front side Bus and b) Back side Bus

220) Back up is a copy of One or more files created for protecting the data from loss or damage

221) Baud is used to measure the rate of number of signaling events per second in a data transmission

222) Bing is a Search engine created by Microsoft

223) Blog is a short form for Web log

224) A Book mark is a Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) in the context of Internet

225) A byte is a set of 8 bits

226) A Cache memory is also called CPU memory

227) CAPTCHA is a type of Response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human or not

228) CAPTCHA full form –Completely automated Public Turning Test to tell Computers and Humans apart

229) A Cell is a location in Spreadsheet

230) Checksum is used to check the integrity of a file.

231) Clipart is a simple picture or symbol made available for computer users to use in their documents

232) A Clipboard stores copied data. this data could be text or image or a file

233) A group of sectors on a disk is called as Cluster

234) Coder – Decoder short form is Codec

235) Contextual menu appears after a right click.

236) a Cron is a task or a job runs periodically on UNIX operating system

237) Clean Install is a software installation Which overwrites content on the hard disk

238) Dash board is a User interface feature introduced by Apple

239) Debuggers help software developers to eliminate bugs in the program

240) Defragmentation is a process of reducing amount of Fragmentation

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