Current Affairs Quiz Questions Answers – 01 January 2017

01 January 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers

These following Objective Questions and answers are useful for RRB,SSC,IBPS,UPSC and other competitive exams


1.Who among the following named as World’s best play maker of 2016 ?


a)Paul Pogba


b)Luka Modric


c)Lionel Messi


d)Dimitri Payet


Answer & Explanation


By the data released by International Federation of Football history and Statstics Messi collected 172 points.

it is 4 points higher than from th previous one.

Spain footballer Andres ineista stood at second place in list


2.India’s first transgender school opened in which state ?

a)Andhra pradesh




c)West Bengal




Answer & Explanation


The school was opened by Sahaj International

This is for people who discontinued from school .

The students will get training for 10 th class and 12 board examinations


3.In which of the following state Arogya Raksha Health scheme launched ?




b)Andhra pradesh






Answer & Explanation


This scheme was launched by Andhra pradesh Chief minister N Chandra babu Naidu

This scheme is for people who were not covered in any of the existing health schemes of the state government


4.Who was appointed as Samajwadi National President ?


a)Amar singh


b)Narsh Uttam


c)Akhilesh Yadav


d)None of the above


Answer & Explanation



5.Who among the following British Indian received knighthood  ?


a)Shankar Balasubramanian


b)Sasank Gupta


c)Sharad Kumar


d)Sailesh Sharma


Answer & Explanation


He is a professor in Chemistry and DNA at Cambridge University

Along with balasubramanian Andy Murray,David Behan,john Park Campbell and others  received knighthood


6.Reserve bank of india declared which target date for NRI’s to exchange defunct notes ?


a)31,March 2017


b)25,January 2017


c)30,June 2017


d)None of the above


Answer & Explanation