Current Affairs Quiz Questions Answers – 22 May 2017

22 May 2017 Objective Current Affairs Quiz Questions Answers


1.Who among the following became first woman to climb Mount everest in less than a week ?


a)Anshu Jamsenpa

b)Vaishali Chuukm

c)Lisa Jones

d)None of the above


Answer & Explanation


Previously Nepali Mountain Climber Chhurim sherpa climbed the mountain twice in a season in 2012

Up to now Jamsenpa climbed Mount Everest 5 times


2.Zee Jaipur Literature festival inaugurated in which of the following city ?







Answer & Explanation


Zee Jaipur Literature festival is part of UK india year of Culture in 2017.


3. NASA found  a new organism and named it after which Indian famous personality ?


a)Mahatma Gandhi

b)APJ Abdul Kalam

c)Indira Gandhi

d)Sardar Vallabhai Patel


Answer & Explanation


This newly found organism is a type of bacterium which lives on the ISS(International Space Station)

The name of the bacterium is Solibacillus Kalamii


4.Tejas Express made debut between which of the following cities ?


a)Mumbai to Goa

b)Mumbai to Ahmedabad

c)Delhi to Agra

d)Jaipur to Delhi


Answer & Explanation


The speed of the train is 200 km per hour

on 22,May 2017 The first journey made between Chatrapati Shivaji Teminus,Mumbai and Karmali, North Goa

It covered the distance of 579 km

This Express will have two classes Chair Car and Executive Chair Car

In this train there are facilities like Automatic doors, secured gangways and LCD screens


6.Azraq became world’s first Clean energy refugee camp. this refugee camp is located in which country  ?







Answer & Explanation


The refugee camp is located in North Jordan

There are 5000 shelters in the desert camp

these shelters can use energy from Solar Power plant


7.Which Indian insurance Company became first to launch Artificial intelligence based Email bot SPOK ?


a)Life Insurance Corporation of India

b)ICICI Prudential Insurance

c)HDFC Insurance

d)Bajaj Allianz Life insurance


Answer & Explanation


Thsi email bot SPOK can read, understand, prioritise, categorise and respond to customers sent emails to HDFC life insurance .