Current Affairs Test – June 2017

June 2017 Current Affairs Test for practice

1. On which date World Milk day observed ?
2. India’s First Freight City will be developed in which city ?
3. Dr.C.Narayana Reddy Passed away recently. he is famous in the field of  ?
4. In this state largest Fresh water Aquarium opened ?
5. Leo Varadkar appointed as prime minister of which country ?
6. Nalanda university signed MoU with which country for academic linkages and collaborations ?
7. This Public Sector bank will set up 100 digital villages across the country ?
8. Who was appointed as New CEC(Chief Election Commissioner) of india ?
9. First Edition of United Nations Oceans conference began in which country ?
10. Who was appointed as new Director General of NWDA(National Water Development Agency) ?
11. In India whcih state became first to implement Automatic Coastal warning system for disaster ?
12. Who won 2017 French Open Men’s singles Tennis Championship ?
13. Which city hosted 2017 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation(SCO) Summit ?
14. The Theme of National Statistics day which celebrated on 29,June ?
15. Rajiv Kumar Appointed as New Chief Secretary of this State ?