Current Affairs Test-March 2018 Current Affairs Mock Test

March 2018 Current Affairs Test for Practice

1. Who among the following won 2017 Laureus world Sports woman of the year award ?
2. This State government set up Toll free help line number 14418 to provide information to students ?
3. World rare disease day conference 2018 heldĀ  in which indian city ?
4. In This indian state World’s largest Solar plant launched ?
5. Moody’s investor Service predicted india’s growth rate at what percentage for 2018 ?
6. Who among the following sworn in as Meghalaya Chief minister ?
7. in india Civil Accounts day celebrated on which of the following date ?
8. Who was elected as new president of Republic of Armenia ?
9. This year “India by the Nile ” Cultural festival will be held in this country ?
10. Every year Zero Discrimination day observed on which of the following date in March ?