Current Affairs Test- October 2017 Current Affairs Mock Test

October 2017 Current Affairs Test for Practice







1. Indian Water week 2017 inaugurated in which city ?
2. This Company announced to acquire Mobile business of Tata group ? 
3. Which of the following state government build Record number(3.52 lakh) of Toilets in 17 days ?
4. To Stop Paddy Straw burning which state sought Rs.2000 crore from Centre ?
5. In Which of the following city first ASEAN – India music festival held ?
6. Who among the following won China open 2017 Tennis Women’s singles title ?
7. Satya Pal Malik appointed as governor of which of the following state ?
8. In india Which state became first to incorporate Skill development program in higher Education ?
9. Conference of the Association of SAARC speakers and Parliamentarians will be held in which country ?
10. Who among the following won 2017 nobel literature prize ?
11. Who among the following Appointed as governor of Tamilnadu ?
12. Indian  origin sikh lawyer who became leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party ?
13. To Cure Chikungunya Piperazine drug invented at which of the following IIT ?
14. World Habitat day celebrated on Which Monday in october month ?
15. Third international conference on yoga was held in this city ?