Diwali Quiz – how well do you know about this Festival celebrated in India

The Diwali Quiz


1. In Which of the following State ‘Thalai Deepavali’ is celebrated ?
2. Diwali is Festival of ?
3. For how many days Newar Budhhists celebrate Diwali Festival ?
4. Diwali occurs in Which month of Hindu Calendar ?
5. in Southern Part of india which Asura death is celebrated before Diwali day ?
6. During Five days Diwali festival celebration Padwa is celebrated on which of the following day ?
7. On Dhanteras Which of the following Deity is Worshipped ?
8. In Which of the following State “Bhai Phota ” is celebrated two days after Diwali ?
9. In Many Regions of India Diwlai is celebrated over 5 days. On which day Lakshmi puja performed ?
10. Diwali is called as Bandi Chhor Diwas by which of the following Community ? 


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