Current Affairs Test – February 2018 Current Affairs Mock Test

February 2018 Current Affairs Test for Practice

1. This indian Airport became world’s busiest single Run way airport ?
2. Who among the following appointed as Chief Executive of Nuclear Fuel Complex ?
3. Who among the following sworn in as Chief Justice of Kerala High Court ?
4. According to NITI Ayog report this state topped in Health  index Progressive report ?
5. Who among the following Sworn in as Chief Justice of Bangladesh ?
6. Who was Appointed as new vice chancellor of Banaras hindu University ?
7. Who among the following appointed as new director general of SAI(Sports Authority of india) ?
8. Every year on February 13 World Radio day is Celebrated.What is the theme of 2018 World Radio Day ?
9. On Which of the following date World Wet lands day observed ?
10. This City is hosting 2018 International Conference on Unani Medicine ?
11. According World Steel Association latest report tThis Country topped in Steel production for the year 2017 ?
12. This State government has won 2018 Geospatial world excellence award ?
13. Which of the following State is theme state at 32 Surajkund International crafts mela ?
14. 2018 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival will be held in this city ?
15. This year india energy Congress will be held in which of the following City ?