India Business Quiz – Questions Answers for preparation

India Business Quiz

Latest Business Current Affairs Questions Answers


Read these following India Business Quiz Questions and answers for all competitive exams,Entrance exams and job interviews preparation.


1.Which Digital Payments company launched “Eat and Go” option exclusively  to Amazon Prime Customers across thousands of Restaurants ?




2.Which Car Making Company discontinued it’s diesel variant Ignis recently ?


Maruti Suzuki


3.Recently an Art work named “Kali” fetched Rs26.4 Crore in an Auction by Saffronarts. whose work is that painting ?


Tyeb mehta


4.Which group company sells Burberry brand fashion products ?


Genesis Luxury


5.Who is CEO(Chief Executive officer) of Ayushman Bharat programme  ?


Indu Bhushan


6.Which Indian Cricketer Signed to endorse Sharp Television sets ?


Rohit Sharma


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