India Business Quiz – Questions Answers for preparation

India Business Quiz

Latest Business Current Affairs Questions Answers


Read these following India Business Quiz Questions and answers for all competitive exams,Entrance exams and job interviews preparation.


1.Recently Bandhan bank limited announced to sell 11.9 crore equity share through IPO(Initial Public Offer) route.

Where is Bandhan Bank headquarters located ?




2.pure Magic Biscuit brand owned by Which Indian Biscuit Maker ?




3.Recently which Company established India’s Second largest Rooftop Power plant in Pata,Uttarpradesh ?




4.Arrow Electronics announced to purchase elnfochips.

Arrow electronics operates from which country ?




5.For CSR Violation 196 companies faced penal action in January 2018.

What is the full form of CSR ?


Corporate Social Responsibility


6.With which Italy Company Greaves Cottton signed agreement to develop new diesel and clean energy engines ?




7.Bharath Biotech made Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine(TCV) was pre-qualified by WHO (World Health organization) ?

What is the name of the vaccine ?



(This is the first Vaccine in India to get WHO GMP Certificate)


8.Who was appointed as new MD & CEO of Korea based KIA motors ?


Kookhyun Shim


9. Which Company operates Fare aggregator and Travel Search engine “Kayak” ?


The priceline group


10.Who was appointed as South Asia head for Volvo Bus Corporation ?


Suresh Chettiar


11.Which Indian IT Major partnered with Belgium Telecom Company Proximus to implement business transformation program ?