Current Affairs Test – January 2018 Current Affairs Mocktest

January 2018 Current Affairs test for  Practice

This Recent Current Affairs Test helpful for all competitive exams and interviews

1. This following country launched new guided missile frigate called “Wuhai” ?
2. Which of the following country set record by producing record amount of wind energy in 2017 ?
3. IMF predicted India’s growth rate for the year 2018 at this percentage ?
4. Kapil Mohan died recently at the age of 88. he is famous for creating what ?
5. In this following City World Sweets Festival 2018 hosted ?
6. This State topped in highest number of Haj requests for women ?
7. On 12 January 2018 India launched how many satellites ?
8. War memorial Teen Murti renamed recently after Israel City.What is the name of that Israel City ?
9. With this country India is going to conduct Joint Military exercise “Vajra prahar” ?
10. This country won Blind world cup cricket championship 2018 ?
11. Which of the following two countries became first to introduce VAT in Gulf ?
12. National Youth Festival inaugurated in this state ?
13. In This January 2018 which state government banned electronic cigarettes ?
14. Who among the following took charge as Election Commissioner of India ?
15. Damehood prize was presented by which country ?