May 2017 Current Affairs Mock Test -Current Affairs Test

May 2017 Current Affairs Online Test for Practice

1. Which Country elected as President of governing council of UN Habitat ?
2. In Which of the following city india’s first bio refinery inaugurated ?
3. NASA Recently found new Bacterial organism on ISS(international Space Station). the organism was named after which former indian President ?
4. Famous Musician Rais Khan passed away recently. he is famously associated with which musical instrument ?
5. Which state government constituted a committee to study environmental danger caused by Seemai Karuvelam trees ?
6. Which state government decided to issue Smart house ID’s ?
7. Sanjay Gubbi and Purnima Burman are famous ?
8. The Indian Agriculture Research institute will be set up in which state ?
9. Who was appointed as defence secretary of india ?
10. Emmanuel Macron elected president of which country ?
11. Who among the following appointed as Group CEO of Dish TV ?
12. Hunting Festival “Bishu Parv” celebrated in which state ?
13. Who won All India open Rapid FIDE Rating Chess tournament ?
14. Who among the following won the 2017 Dan David prize in the Future Category ?
15. Which Indian Actress won best actress award at Newyork Indian Film Festival 2017 ?