May 2017 Current Affairs Mock Test -Current Affairs Test

May 2017 Current Affairs Online Test for Practice

1. NASA Recently found new Bacterial organism on ISS(international Space Station). the organism was named after which former indian President ?
2. Which Country elected as President of governing council of UN Habitat ?
3. Who among the following won the 2017 Dan David prize in the Future Category ?
4. Who among the following appointed as Group CEO of Dish TV ?
5. Which state government constituted a committee to study environmental danger caused by Seemai Karuvelam trees ?
6. In Which of the following city india’s first bio refinery inaugurated ?
7. The Indian Agriculture Research institute will be set up in which state ?
8. Which state government decided to issue Smart house ID’s ?
9. Who won All India open Rapid FIDE Rating Chess tournament ?
10. Hunting Festival “Bishu Parv” celebrated in which state ?
11. Emmanuel Macron elected president of which country ?
12. Famous Musician Rais Khan passed away recently. he is famously associated with which musical instrument ?
13. Sanjay Gubbi and Purnima Burman are famous ?
14. Which Indian Actress won best actress award at Newyork Indian Film Festival 2017 ?
15. Who was appointed as defence secretary of india ?