Current Affairs Test -August 2017 Current Affairs Mock Test

August 2017 Current Affairs Test for Practice








1. Which Country launched Environmental research Satellite Venus ?
2. Uhuru Kenyatta elected as President of Which of the following Country ?
3. Which City hosted Second Edition of Agri UDAAN programme ? 
4. Aadi Perukku Festival Celebrated in Which of the following State ?
5. IBM opened its first Machine Learning hub in which city ?
6. 2024 Summer olympics will be held in which of the following City ?
7. FIBA Basket Ball tournament  will be held in which country ?
8. On Which of the following date National Deworming day celebrated ?
9. C P Gurnani Reappointed as Managing Director and CEO of which of the following Company ?
10. Who among the following Appointed as Secretary General of industry Chamber FICCI ?
11. Who won 2017 Hungarian Formula One grand prix ?
12. Who was elected as Chairman of Pakistan cricket  Board ?
13. International Youth day celebrated on which of the following date ?
14. Who was ranked at No.1 in Test All rounder ICC Rankings ?
15. Marian Diamond died Recently. He is famous for what ?