Current Affairs Test – January 2017 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Current Affairs Test : January 2017







1. Which Footballer awarded with Best Play maker award by IFFHS(international Federation of¬†Football History and statstics) ? 
2. To promote Digital payments what is the help line number opened by the government ?
3. The 14th Edition of Prawas Bharatiya diwas inaugurated in which city ?
4. Which Indian state started India’s first Student Startup and innovation policy ?
5. First Gender literature festival held in which city ?
6. India International Exchaneg inaugurated in which city ?
7. Which of the following country decided to cease FM Radio broadcasting ?
8. Which Bollywood actor wa honoure by US Embassy for TB(Tuberculosis) awareness ?
9. Who among the following appointed as Executive director of Reserve bank of India ?
10. Who was appointed as Chairman of Tata Sons ?
11. Who is the winner of 207 Qatar Men’s Singles Tennis Title ?
12. Who won Mens’s Best FIFA Player 2016 award ?
13. India’s First Transgender school started in which state ?
14. Clare Hollingworth died recently.. he is famous _______ ?
15. DAniel ortega sworn in as president of which country ?