Current Affairs Test – May 2016 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Test : May 2016 Current Affairs Test

1. On which of the following date World Hypertension day is observed ?
2. Rank of India in Croney Capital Index list 2016 ?
3. Central Asian State leaders inagurated CASA 1000 power project in which country ?
4. What indian former cricketer re appointed as ICC Committee head ?
5. Which of the following Tiger reserve won India Bio Diversity Award 2016 ?
6. Which Indian Film director statue was inagurated in switzerland ?
7. Beauty Services Provider Salosa was acquired by ?
8. Justice Naveen Sinha sworn in as Chief Justice of Which of the following High court ?
9. What indian State announced Minorty status to Jain Community ?
10. On which of the following date National Techonology day is celebrated ?
11. To Submit Recommendations on “Yoga Education in Universities ” which of the following Committee was constituted ?
12. What is the Rank of India in Croney Capitalism ?
13. Which Indian Bank signed MoU with BRICS New Development bank ?
14. Which of the following Number is declared as India’s Single Emergency Number ?
15. Which Indian Cricketer name was recommended by BCCI for this year Arjuna Award ?