Current Affairs Test – November 2015 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Test : November 2015 Current Affairs Test

1. Ravi chandran Ashwin became Fastest Indian to reach 150 test wickets.he took how many tests to take 150 wickets ?
2. Who is appointed as MD & CEO of Andhra bank ?
3. World Science day for peace and development oberved on which day ?
4. What is the range of recently tested Brahmos Supersonic Cruise missile ?
5. A K Jha appointed as the CMD of the following ?
6. In Canada Which Indian Language is Third most common language ?
7. In which Indian city International Indigenous Terra Madre 2015 held ?
8. to draft  new _______ Policy T S R Subramaian Committee Constituted ?
9. World Pneumonia day observed on which of the following day ?
10. Recently Shipwright school is commisioned as IN Vishwakarma. Shipwright school is located at which of the folllowing city ?