Current Affairs Test -November 2016 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Test : November 2016 Current Affairs Mock Test

1. Ancient River Chandra bhagha found near which temple ?
2. Who is the author of the book “An Era of Darkness : British  Empire in india ” ?
3. Global Climate Conference took place in which country ?
4. To identify al lpossible modes of digital payments government constituted a committee.who is the head of this committee ?
5. Which Bollywood Actor Appointed as Brand ambassador by switzerland Toursim ?
6. Sanjiv Arora appointed as Indian High commissiner to which of the following country ?
7. National Milk day celebrated on which date ?
8. Every year on 14,November Diabetes day observed world wide. what is the theme of this year world diabetes day ?
9. World Internet Conference 2016 concluded in which country ?
10. In November 2016 Rishi Jaitley resinged as India head of which of the following Company ?
11. Who was appointed as brand Ambassador of Swachh Rail Mission ?
12. Which of the following state topped in World bank Study report in the field of Energy Efficiency ?
13. Who among the following was appointed as Chairman of Fund Trustee and Advisory Commission of Kerala ?
14. On which of the following date Vegan day celebrated world wide ?
15. In November On which of the following date World First Tsunami Awareness day celebrated ?