Current Affairs Test – September 2016 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Test : September 2016 Current Affairs Test

1. From the following list of Asian countries which country decalred as Malaria free ?
2. Newly discovered Genus tosanoides fish named after ?
3. India signed 7.8 billion Euro deal for 36 Rafale fighter Jets with which country ?
4. In which of the following country G20 2016 Summit held ?
5. DCB (Developmenet credit bank ) launched a Mobile payment solution. what is the name of that product ?
6. Which of the following Cricketer ranked top in ICC released Oneday International batting rankings ?
7. Who was appointed as World bank country director for India ?
8. Arunachal Pradesh state government appointed which Bollywood actor as Brand Ambassador ?
9. Dr.Hrishikesh Mallick chosen for Sarala Samman award 2016. he is famous poet in which of the following language ?
10. “Biju Kanya Ratna ” scheme launched in which of the following state ?