Current Affairs Test – December 2016 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Test- December 2016 Current Affairs Test







1. Which of the following country denied $100 million loan from World bank ?
2. Who won 2016 Sahitya Academy award for hindi language ?
3. From the following Time magazine declared which person as Person of the year 2016 ?
4. Majuli district in Assan will become india’s first carbon neutral by year ?
5. Who won 2016 World Chess Championship title ?
6. In India First Cashless bazaar launched in which state ?
7. Who was awarded with ICFA’s Global Agricultur leadership award 2016 ?
8. Which state government announced creating a separate ministry for the development of other backward classes ?
9. Which Country rejected “open Sky” offer to allow un limited flights between two countries ?
10. Which state will host 2022 National games ?
11. Which country implemented “Terror Tax ” on Property insurance policies  of citizens ?
12. Who among the following was chosen as PETA’s person of the year 2016 ?
13. Almaz Ayana decalred as female athlete of the year 2016 by IAAF(international Asssociation of Athletics Federations) . she is associated with whcih country ?
14. World’s longest Bullet train service began in which country ?
15. For what purpose China launched Tansat Satellite ?