Current Affairs Test – February 2017 Current Affairs Mock Test

Online Test – February 2017 Current Affairs Test







1. Which of the following country became largest solar power producer ?
2. Who became 13th Chief minister of Tamilnadu ?
3. Which Indian cricketer recently break the record by making highest first class runs in a single cricket season ?
4. Which of the following country will launch first Nuclear Ice breaker fleet ?
5. “Hema Malini:Beyond the Dream girl” book was released in this February. this book is Auto biography of Hema malini. who penned this book ?
6. Who was appointed s next US Attorney General ?
7. Which country was banned from participating in 2017 World Athletics championships ?
8. With which of the following country India signed agreement to build Multi ethnic tri-lingual school ?
9. Rank of india in Economic Freedom Index 2017 ?
10. Which of the following country won T20 blind world cup cricket tournament ?
11. in the budget how much amoount allocated for Public Sector banks Recapitalisation ?
12. Who was appointed as KPMG india Chairman ?
13. Vikas swarup has been appointed as Indian high commissioner to which country ?
14. The 2017 South Asian Speakers Summit organised in which state ?
15. Which of the following North east state became first to launch e- cabinet solution ?
16. Fast Patrol Vessel ICGS Ayush was commissioned at which naval base ?