General Knowledge Test 10 – Online General Knowledge Test

Online Test : General Knowledge Test 10

1. DSC_0736Young Horse is called as ?
2. Mark Selby is famous in which sport ?
3. Newspaper “NewStates Man ” found in which country ?
4. Where is Interpol Head Quarters located ?
5. vi editor is used to edit the file or to create new text file in which operating system ?
6. Which of the following statement(s) is/are false ?1)Asteroids are formed very closer to the Sun

2)Asteroids are made up of Ice

3)Asteroids have shorter orbits

7. Godl Chemical symbol is “Au”. What is the full form of “Au” ?
8. Mesopotamia is old name of which country ?
9. Silviculture is cultivation of ______ ?
10. Identify the odd one ?1)Deuce



4)Double fault