General Knowledge Test 10 – Online General Knowledge Test

Online Test : General Knowledge Test 10

1. Newspaper “NewStates Man ” found in which country ?
2. Mark Selby is famous in which sport ?
3. vi editor is used to edit the fileĀ or to create new text file in which operating system ?
4. DSC_0736Young Horse is called as ?
5. Godl Chemical symbol is “Au”. What is the full form of “Au” ?
6. Where is Interpol Head Quarters located ?
7. Silviculture is cultivation of ______ ?
8. Mesopotamia is old name of which country ?
9. Identify the odd one ?1)Deuce



4)Double fault
10. Which of the following statement(s) is/are false ?1)Asteroids are formed very closer to the Sun

2)Asteroids are made up of Ice

3)Asteroids have shorter orbits