Online Test-Microsoft Excel Quiz Test

Microsoft Excel Quiz Test

Mahir Excel di Kantor Dengan Rumus Dasar

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1. What is a Macro ?
2. in MS Excel a formula starts with which operator ?
3. A Collection of Work Sheets is called as Work Book ?
4. What is the Short cut Key Combination to create a simple column chart in Excel ?
5. Which feature in Excel allows us to rearrange the data in Columns to Rows ?
6. A Spreadsheet consists of Columns and Rows. Numbers are assigned to which One ?
7. Which of the following Editor is used to edit a Macro that is attached to an Excel Workbook ?
8. CLEAN Function falls under what category function in MS-Excel ?
9. It is possible to insert Multiple work sheets at a time ?
10. What is the MS Excel Template File extension name ?