Online Current Affairs Test – 15 June 2017-21 June 2017

Current Affairs Test for Practice

1. On Which of the following date World Elder Abuse awareness day observed ?
2. In Which Indian State World’s largest Petro Chemical Complex and refinery will be Set up ?
3. P N Bhagavathi Passed away Recently. he is famous in the field of ?
4. In The Latest Study Report Released by UK based Money Super Market what is the Rank of India ?
5. Which of the following international city hosted WSIS(World Summit on Information Society) forum 2017 ?
6. Which state became first to install Canal Top Solar PV System ?
7. Who among the following conferred with Bhupen hazarika NAtional Award 2017 ?
8. The ASEAN Dengue day observed on which date ?
9. From the following Who became first indian Woman to be elected as Judge of  the ITLOS(International tribunal for the law of the Sea) ?
10. This Country topped the Global Remittance Report 2016 which is prepared by UN ?