Indian Companies Taglines Quiz – Online Quiz Test

Online Quiz : Indian Companies Taglines Quiz

Test your self that How many Indian companies Taglines/slogans you know

1. “play the Game” is tagline of which of the following ?
2. What is the tagline of Amul ?
3. Fresh ‘n Juicy is tagline of which brand ?
4. Badminton Champion P V Sindhu appointed as brand ambassador of Vizag steel. Can you guess the tagline of Vizag steel ?
5. “Beauty bar of Film stars” ¬†is tagline of which toilet soap brand ?
6. “The Complete Man ” is tagline of which brand/company ?
7. Guess the tagline of Toyota Innova ?
8. “Pure for Sure” is tagline of which Oil Marketing Company ?
9. Which Indian Stock Exchange tagline is “The Edge is¬†efficiency ” ?
10. “Bajaate Raho” is tagline of which FM Radio channel ?