Test your Business Knowledge -Online Business Quiz Test 1

Online Business Quiz Test 1

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1. Which of the following public sector bank first nationalised ? 
2. Coca Cola sells Fruit Juices products with which of the following name ?
3. “Shopping ka Naya Address” tagline used by which of the following e-Commerce company ?
4. India based housing finance company DHFL full form ?
5. in Which country international Business Conglomerate Thumbay group head quarters located ?
6. Akshay Kumar Starred “Padman” movie is made on this Social Entrepreneur life story ?
7. Typhoo is a band of what in United Kingdom ?
8. Lenskart sells which of the following products through online ?
9. Who among the following founded Snap Inc with Evan Spiegel ?
10. Biscuit brand Monaco owned by which of the following company ?